Seek The Comfort Of Solitude

Meditation In Bali surrounded by nature

Seek The Comfort Of Solitude


Seek The Comfort Of Solitude…

We live in a world where a lot of people feel separated from the whole and at times even feel separated from themselves. When our attention is mainly  focussed on the outside world we can loose the deep and intimate relationship with our inner being. We can feel utterly lost in the world around us and in ourselves, we tend to compare ourselves with others and we can feel shattered, lonely, fearful and we do not see ourselves for who we really are.

And if we do not see (and be) our True self how can we expect that from others…

To heal this, we need to learn how to appreciate and celebrate our own company. We need to learn to bare and fall in love with our own silence. The moment we recognise our deepest inner treasures again, something shifts and we come home to ourselves.

Home is only found within yourself just as Love is found in yourself and the more you drop in to your inner silence the more you become Love and the stars and galaxies will open up and blossom in your Heart???

One way to explore your inner Silence is to meditate. Feel free to join us in one of our guided meditations on our website or YT Channel

( and explore the depth of your Heart.

Enjoy and Much Love,


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