If You Can Not Bless Yourself, Then Nobody Can Bless You

If You Can Not Bless Yourself, Then Nobody Can Bless You

If You Can Not Bless Yourself, Then Nobody Can Bless You (Yogi Bhajan)…

The most important and intimate relationship you will have in life is the relationship you have with yourself. It all starts with You. You alone are responsible for the happiness in your own life. There is no other place to find that happiness than to go within yourself, to feel and see the beauty of your own Self and to be courageous enough to own it and to…
Be it❤️

True happiness is an inner state of being and does not depend on the comings and goings of the outside world. The moment you truly start to love and bless yourself this pure unaffected inner state of happiness and calm starts to blossom from within you. You start to realise that happiness does not depend on others, you carry it within you, it is part of your life existence, it is your expression in all things. For me, it is such a tremendous blessing to be here. Can you feel the Love for life, the love for Love and the love for yourself and all around you? Can you truly see and open up to the miracle that you are✨?

Every day take a moment to bless yourself and bless others and the world through your presence of the Heart.

The more you travel within yourself the more you are opening up to yourself and the more you will see the untouched beauty that you are💖

Meditation is an amazing ‘tool’ to drop in to that state of blessedness and therefore it is such a joy to share our guided video meditations with you. Feel free to join me in one of our guided meditations whom we lovingly share with you on our website

Much LOVE and enjoy the journey,


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