Water Temple In Bali

Bali Retreat South Shore

This retreat is for bohemians of the heart, the seekers of mystery and inner beauty…

Come travel with us and dive into this beautiful and breezy award winning Yoga sanctuary.

Floating like a leaf on the mainland of  tropical Bali and surrounded by a luscious oasis of peace, tranquility and pure serenity, it has breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and the Mount Agung Volcano.

This sanctuary is a tropical paradise, who’s atmosphere is infused with the ancient ceremony’s celebrated on this island of the Gods.

Travel with us to this leading Yoga Retreat Resort with limited tickets available:

10–17 Oct. 2018

2199.00 6 nights

Journey with us to this award winning and stunningly beautiful, luxury Eco retreat center, situated in an oasis of rice fields on the plains of tropical Bali. A true sanctuary of peace, tranquility and pure serenity. A Tropical Paradise where you can come home to yourself.

Take a deep breath in and look around, see and feel the lusciousness all around you.

This sanctuary is a pure gem, an oasis, in which there are many areas for solitude and introspection. Fabulous artwork and beautiful design touches are everywhere you look… It is here that you will find and (re) discover peace and tranquility, and where you will be completely able to relax and focus on the present moment.

Enjoy the spectacular,  beautiful air-filled spaces of the Yoga Sanctuary with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and Mount Agung Volcano. Take a refreshing dive into the Healing Pool after the workshop(s),  specifically created with relaxation and replenishment in mind.

The grounds feature organically farmed fresh produce gardens as well as a large open kitchen where the private chef prepares delicious healthy meals, juices and snacks with the locally grown organic nutrient-rich food.

We all need unique and relaxing places to regenerate our soul. Let us take you to this hidden Bali gem so you can find and (re) discover peace and tranquility. 

Allow yourself the space to completely relax and focus on the moment. This truly is the perfect setting to nourish, recharge and heal your mind, body and spirit.

Due to the secluded nature of the Retreats location, you will get every opportunity to deepen your experience, and fully commit yourself to this amazing week full of transformation, healing and happiness.

Close your eyes and imagine a path of joy, rejuvenation and (self) discovery, where your journey is anchored around your wellbeing, your dreams, your intentions and on the outcome that you yearn for in your heart. 

Immerse yourself  in this 6 day retreat of total relaxation, rejuvenation and deep (re) connecting with yourself.  You will get the opportunity to deepen your experience and  fully commit to this unforgettable retreat of transformation, healing and happiness. 

Together we will create a sacred circle, in which we will go on a journey. Apart from the collective journey it will primarily become a personal journey as everyone gets individual attention and is guided through their own process.

This retreat will empower you, contribute to change and encourage inner growth. You will feel more happy, more healthy, more radiant and more alive. You will experience deep peace within yourself and you will be able to live from a conscious and heart centred place. You will shine by the light of your soul and you will inspire others to do the same.

All of our retreats are both intimate and connecting, inspirational and enlightening, holistic and nurturing, transformative and fun.

It is our pleasure to offer you a safe sanctuary for deep relaxation and profound transformation. We will provide you with the opportunity to rejuvenate, rejoice, break free and truly celebrate life.

In this profound week, it is all about you, about deeply relaxing, unwinding and exploring the magical depth of your own being. Take a deep breath in and allow yourself to connect with your body, mind, heart and soul.

This retreat is an inner journey, a journey of the soul, a journey of healing, (re)discovering and empowerment.

We offer you the tools to develop the patience to recognise your  past, appreciate it for the gifts it has delivered, bless it… and then.. drop it. What a liberating moment. 

This is where you can start to love yourself wholeheartedly and unconditionally, where you can plant new seeds for your future, and where you can thrive and grow into full potential as a radiant being.

Each day ignites with a theme that gives an extra dimension to your journey. We start the day with renewing and transformative Kundalini yoga classes and we close the day with a Traditional yoga flow and Meditation class to encourage deep relaxation.

In the afternoon we offer transformative workshops, exploring the theme of the day,  so you can deepen your experience, heal and connect with your inner light. All of the workshops are designed to truly help you open up to the wonders of life, and to your own heart.

Music is a beautiful part of our journey. Tropical evenings create a magical backdrop against which to come together around a fire, surrounded by nature, to sing the songs of our hearts.

In this week of gathering , we will create magical circles to sing songs that will touch, heal and uplift you, every song carries a gift, a gift for your soul to unpack and unravel. Together we will create a beautiful space so you can fully connect with your heart.

In this journey to Self Love you will

  • Accept and L O V E yourself fully
  • Feel more fit, radiant and alive
  • Discover your life purpose (s)
  • Unleash your creative energy
  • Recognise your intuition
  • Learn to create and manifest
  • And.. Celebrate Life

At the end of the week we will surprise you with a beautiful and transformative ceremony of the heart.


Your comfort is what counts in this stunning Eco Luxury Retreat. It offers six superior Pool View Rooms and four Garden Rooms, all created with care and love.

Each room contains the touches of modern luxury and convenience, yet maintains the beautiful and peaceful Balinese feel. Enjoy spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and holy Mount Agung volcano from virtually everywhere.

How to get there ?

Airport pick will be arranged for you from Bali Denpasar airport and you will be guided to the to the Retreat location.

Daily  Schedule

Fruit and Tea (Optional)
8.00 Yoga and meditation
9.45 Breakfast
Free Time / Contemplative time
13.00 Lunch
Free Time / Contemplative time
16.00  Workshop
18.00 Dinner
19.30. Yoga and meditation


It is our delight to offer you a delicious organic and vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner. Combined with herbal teas, fresh water and a light afternoon snack.  Each meal is rejuvenating and cooked with love and dedication and we make sure that there is something for everyone on the heavenly menu.

The week starts with a dazzling Welcome Dinner with dancers and musicians.

Purification Ceremony 

Early in the mornings people travel from far and wide across Bali to participate in Ritual cleansing in the waterfall temples across the island.

Participate in a magical cleansing and purification ceremony at one of  Bali’s holiest water spring temples.


Join a course to learn how to make a spiritual offering.

Spa Treatments

Upgrades are available at extra cost and the resort is more than happy to offer you a variety of dazzling and rejuvenating spa and massage therapy treatments to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Booking Your Travels in Silence Retreat

Prices from: (Euro)

€ 2199.00 (per person) Room Sharing
€ 2499.00 Single Room      

Prices include Airport pickup and transport to the Retreat

The package excludes flights and travel insurance

Payment scheduling may be available on request.

For more information and to register please contact at travelsinsilence.com