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“Travels in Silence” specialize in creating exclusive guided soul journeys to breathtaking beautiful and serene places around the globe.






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TRAVELS IN SILENCE specialize in creating exclusive guided soul journeys to breathtaking, beautiful, and serene places around the globe.

What would it be to travel in silence? To travel in joy, love, light and inner happiness?

As the waterfall of life flows, it is when you embark upon your inner journey that your healing and transformation can take place, where love can immerse and where you can ignite your inner light.

The journey within you is the bravest journey you can make. It takes courage to roll up your sleeves and to dive deeply within yourself.

It can be a challenge to wholeheartedly journey within, when surrounded by the rushing sounds and vibrations of everyday life, but whenever you give yourself the chance to travel within, you can learn so much about yourself, recognize your patterns, your inner voice and the dreams of your heart.

You can experience great joy and release by taking a Journey to within your Self to a place where you can truly feel, heal, uplift and celebrate your Self and where you can truly start to love and accept your Self for who you are, completely and unconditionally and where you can start to uplift others in the same way.

We offer you a moment to step into peacefulness and beauty.  To be serene, to relax, to reflect. To inspire yourself and to journey within.

Our travels together are designed to delight you, and offer you the opportunity to transport yourself to a place where We can join You, and entice you, to a variety of lovingly crafted and exquisite retreat experiences and guided meditations, guiding you to deepen and enrich your life.

Travel with us, and let us take you on a beautiful inner and outer journey. A journey of  peace, joy and happiness and be amazed by the power of your own heart.

During our retreats we offer you a safe haven where you can dive deeply within your own being, so you can rejuvenate, rejoice, break free and celebrate life completely.

We welcome you to join us on our travels,  bringing your inner world to light, amid magnificent surroundings and space, we aim to fully support you in the anchoring of your seeing and experience, with all the joy and professional guidance MAAIKE and her team has to offer you.

Let MAAIKE and her team be your guide on a journey of the heart. We look forward to travelling and connecting with you soon.

MAAIKE meditating in tropical paradise to retreat yourself


MAAIKE is a beautiful heart who was encouraged to explore her own spiritual journey from a very young age.

Brought up to embrace the spiritual path by her mother and grandmother, MAAIKE grew up in the Netherlands, and has traveled through Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Wales, South America, Africa, Australia, the sub Asian continent and India and now travels between retreats, meditations and filming with her team.

These travels have been deeply inspiring adventures, but for MAAIKE, it is the journey”s within, that have shown themselves to be the most profound.

For MAAIKE, spirituality is a path of the heart, a path of love, wisdom and discovery. It is a very intimate journey, a journey that takes courage, a journey that cuts through many layers of delusion and fear. It is a profound journey of purification, healing and transformation. It is a crawling back into the heart, a step into the fires of transformation… leaving no stone unturned….. a journey to humbly explore the deep inner knowing and realization that all is love.

“What we desire the most is often what we fear the most… What we long from the most is often is what we run for the most. Life is full of beautiful paradoxes to unravel”.

Yoga at the beach during Luxury Yoga and Meditation Retreat for Relaxation
Yogaclass Bali during Luxury Yoga and Meditation Retreat to Relax and Renew

MAAIKE knows, from her own experience, that our shared existence is not always an easy road to travel and that that is perfectly fine, but she also knows, that we as individual people, souls and hearts, are powerful beyond measure. We have the choice to choose for ourselves and rise and shine as the pure love that we truly are.

“This is a powerful journey, where love, wisdom and peace await you to be rediscovered again”. It is within these intimate travels that the mystery of life can gently unfold and where everything has the chance to come together.

MAAIKE has over 10 years’ experience in Yoga and Meditation. She teaches various yoga styles like Kundalini Yoga, Traditional Yoga and Meditation with great passion and on an almost daily basis.

The path of Yoga has changed her life from the inside out and she feels forever grateful for all the gifts she has received whilst exploring her inner worlds. Because of her own transformations she has made it her passion and intention to share her experience and teachings for our profound and beautifully crafted retreats and soul journeys, scheduled for 2018/19

The Travels in Silence retreats and personal guided journeys, are her gift to share with you.

Let MAAIKE and her team be your guide on a journey of the heart .We look forward to travelling and connecting with you soon.