16 Fabulous Tips To Cultivate Self – Love

Self Love tips with the support of Ganesha

16 Fabulous Tips To Cultivate Self – Love

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” Oscar Wilde

Self-Love is the essence of life.  It makes you see life and connect with life with an inner knowing and truth. Self-Love has the magnificent power to heal. By loving yourself you open up  to a life of love, flow, joy and fulfilment.

Therefore it is my pleasure to share these 16 fabulous tips with you, all created to cultivate Self Love, joy and happiness in your Life.

1. Let go of the past and forgive yourself

One of the keys of Self Love is to let go of the past. To let go of hurt, pain, disappointment and all that is holding you back for living in the present moment.  By acknowledging the past and by letting go of the past a tremendous healing power arise. An intimate love awakens in you and you can see the world with eyes of compassion, love, wisdom and strength.

2. Accept your Self. All of you.

Another key to Self-Love is to accept your Self. All of you. It starts in the acknowledging of who you are, and in the opening up to all parts of yourself and in the truly and wholeheartedly accepting of yourself. It starts with the letting go of the need to change yourself and with feeling comfortable with in your own skin and spirit. .

A beautiful and simple affirmation you can use, inspirited by the author and inspirational teacher Louise Hay, is:

‘” I love and Improve of Myself”

Each day take a moment to affirm these words. If it feels comfortable for you, you can sit in front of a mirror and look in to your own eyes. Repeat these words several times and thank yourself afterword for taking this moment.

3.  Start with a spiritual practice and feel what makes you happy! 

A daily spiritual practice is a beautiful way to connect with your heart. There are many spiritual practices to choose from. The most important thing is to choose one that makes you happy. It can be daily meditation, a yoga class, a silent walk in the park. Or a combination. These daily intimate moments with yourself brings you to the depth of your being. It will learn you how to recognize your inner silence, peace and joy and it will connect you with your inner voice. 

The meditation ‘How To Live From The Heart’ on our meditation page is a wonderful meditation to cultivate more inner and outer love.  Feel free to meditate and share your experiences with us.

4. Be and feel grateful, the attitude is gratitude

There is so much to be thankful for in life. The very fact that you are alive and part of this magical journey called life, is according to me, one of them☺

Feeling and thinking about what makes you feel grateful will boost your inner happiness tremendously .

Each day take a moment to think about the things that made you happy that day. Acknowledge these moments of positivity, encounters and people and thank them in your heart. By creating daily gratitude moments in your day to day life you invoke feelings of gratefulness and happiness and you will appreciate life so much more.

5. Do not take yourself to serious

Life is meant to be playful, be as a child. What gave you joy as a child? Bring these aspects in to your life and enjoy it! Have fun in the things you do, smile more often and be playful.

6. Be your own best friend 

Start with being kind to yourself, have patience with yourself and be compassionate towards yourself. Be your own best friend and be amazed how your life will flow. 

7. Surround yourself with people who make you smile

Nourish yourself with people who uplift you, inspire you and whom accept you for who you are. 

8. Take care of your body

Discover what foods are nurturing you, what exercises you love to do. Honor the body that you live in.

9. Be compassionate towards your thinking.

Start with lovingly observing your thoughts, be aware of what you are thinking about yourself and know that your thoughts can shape your future. When you choose to think negative you will experience worry, anxiety and tension. Life can feel heavy and challenging. The moment you become aware of your thoughts the more powerful you become. Why? Because it is in this moment that you can say: ‘STOP’. It is in this moment that you can become the conscious writer of your life and you can choose what to think.  Gently change the way you think and within that uplift yourself as much as you can. Express to yourself how amazing you are, you are worth it.

10.  Express yourself

Speak from your heart, and express yourself honestly, openly and lovingly.  If it is difficult then start with a journal. Writing is a great way of expressing your inner emotions and it gives you tremendous insights in your own inner depths.

11. Be the beholder of your own beauty 

Create moments where you gaze in to your own eyes. Look in the mirror and look in your eyes. Discover the beauty that you are and say: “ I Love you, all of you and own it”

12.  Spent time in nature

Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to connect with yourself. It makes you feel more alive, inspired,  relaxed, healthy and grounded. 

13. Take yourself on a date

Take yourself out to diner, to the movies or treat yourself with a delightful and deep relaxing massage. Whatever makes you happy and smile!

14.  Create space

Cleaning out your closet every now and then creates space. Not only space in your home but also space in your mind. Clearing space is tremendously powerful. You make room for new things to enter your life.

15.  Write yourself a  love letter

Write a love letter to yourself, write down what you find beautiful about yourself, write down your dreams, desires and intentions. Give this letter in a closed envelope to someone close to you and ask this person to, in due time, sent it to you by post.

16. Compare yourself with no one and realize the perfection of it all

It has been 9 Years ago that on my Beloved Bali I stumbled upon this sentence… It felt so powerful to me, so true and so loving.  These words traveled straight in to my heart and I felt them deeply in my being.

The moment we stop we comparing ourselves with each other a huge shift will occur. The more we bring our attention inwardly we can see how unique we all are, each with our own gift to share with the world.

We are all intimately connected and yet profoundly irreplaceable. We all have our role to play, intimately connected and yet profoundly inimitable.

Just let go of the need of comparison, of recognition from the outside world. You are beautiful just the way you are. No need to change, no need to do more or do less. Rest inside your Heart, relax and enjoy the wonders of life.

With Love,


Rood hart

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  1. Rein Graven
    Rein Graven

    I am so happy to read that I already integrated a lot of self love tips in my life. It really helps me to have fun with myself and it stimulates me to be more with myself without needing others to have a fulfilling life. The flipside of the coin is that i am very critical with whom i spent my earthly days :-). With the exception of my doggie.

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